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Adam Ceslik

My name is Adam Česlík [:czeslík:]. I am founder and sole proprietor of Rise by Performance TrainingTM and Performance Training®, co-founder of the PPCenter, performance coach and psychologist.

Over the last 10 years I have spent most of my life by reading every single article, book and research about strength training and learning from world-renowned strength coaches, athletes, personal trainers and nutritional scientists. I’ve tried it all in my own training and also with my clients. It has led to the development of my own training and nutrition system.

Dominik Kodras

From the early age I had problems with underweight,weak arms, legs and in time increasing amount of body fat. My story begun when I was 17 and first came to the local gym with my older friend. Love at the first sight.

I didn’t know anything about bodybuilding, exercising and even anatomy, but I didn’t care…I just started working out and learning from the big guys exercising on machines of the future. I’m sure everyone of you know what I’m talking about – fitness equipment. The first big mistake in my fitness life occured…I was exercising primary on these machines and sometimes lifted some dumbbells. First results came sooner than I could ever imagine and the progress was huge. First few weeks, few months, maybe even a year. And then? Nothing…the stagnation came and I was drowning in grief, my body has adapted to the training. Reluctance to go to the gym was so enormous that I stopped exercising and the worst part of my life could begin.

I ate continuously during the day, simply everything I found, felt nervous and without energy. After few weeks of laziness I said ENOUGH to myself, put my running shoes on and ran. My body was totally destroyed and not prepared for the the tempo I raised. Suddenly I felt horrible pain in my back and couldn’t even move…What the hell was that? Doctors said my back bone is in the wrong position and it’s possible that I won’t do any sport activities anymore. I had an epiphany… Half a year after the second part of my life started. Rehabilitation wasn’t helping me a lot, but I decided to help myself on my own and returned to working out.

When I look back on it, it was the best decision I could ever make. I wasn’t just exercising, but started looking for some more information and one day it happened…I came across pretty interesting article about strenght training and nutrition written by Adam Ceslik, bought his protocol and just practise step by step. Look at me now – I raised above my personal limits. From zero to hero? Not yet, I still have a long way to go, but my back pain is gone, I’m bigger, faster, stronger and healthier than ever bofore! These days I cooperate with my guru, Adam Ceslik, and I’m getting better day after day. Can you tell me, where your limits are? I have no limits!

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