I’m sure that a lot of people who are reading this article compete in some sports. No matter if you play football, soccer, baseball, box, hockey, basketball etc. And I’m 100% sure that every sportsman reading this article wants to get better in his sport, strenghten his upper and lower body and look like a Greek God.
Not long time ago, many sportsmen had been performing just specific training sessions. Soccer players cuddled with ball on the pitch, hockey players spent most of time on the ice and it was banned for basketball players to go out of the arena.

But times have changed and who wants to be a professional, or even the best, must do his best in the gym.
And what’s the key to improve your performance? For most of you the answer can be suprising…

Yes, strength training provides a unique opportunity to improve your strength (you can push harder), explosiveness (you can jump higher), strength endurance (you are able to perform maximal power for a longer period of time), velocity (needed in all kind of sports) and injury prevention (there is nothing more important to an athlete’s progress than being injury-free as much as possible).

Some exercises, especially from powerlifting and weightlifting, combined with adequate training of volume and intensity, complemented by necessary training of mobility and structural balances lead to rapid improvement in all aspects of sport.

Strength training IS NOT about exercising with light weights, performing lots of repetions and just cumulating fatique! It is neither about circus training with “body balance balls” 🙂
The point is : use maximal effort and maximal performance during your training routine! Only in this case will be your training efficient.

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Do the opposite what the others do and be a step ahead.