That almost everybody who wants to reduce fat do.

By the name of this article you may have expected anything from eating not enough protein to drinking water during the meals, but not the reason I am just about to introduce:

The biggest mistake in dieting, when you want to reduce fat, that almost everybody do, is … wait for it ….

High frequency eating! That’s right, eating every 2-3 hours is not only counterproductive for losing the fat, but also unhealthy.

Wait a minute. Didn’t I just neglect the first rule of the whole fitness and bodybuilding?

Yes, I did. Scientific research that may support proclaimed effects of high frequency eating such as thermic effect of food on burning calories, upregulating the metabolism, or the need of frequent protein consumption for constant protein synthesis, don’t exist or is very weak and based on misinterpretation of data.

Why I mention scientific researches and not practice? Because if you climb down the ladder who come first with high frequency eating, you always end up with the claim: It was proven by science. Well, it was not.

So what is wrong with high frequency eating with intention to lose fat? Just use your common sense: You have some fat on you and you want to lose it. You come to fitness practitioner and he says: you need to eat more. Does that make sense? You may switch from unhealthy to healthy foods, but you still add a ton of calories above your needs. And if you do not switch to 10 hours lasting labor work, you know what? You definitely don’t burn fat for fuel throughout the day and more probably you by the time gain some (blink).

The reasons why high frequency eating is bad for losing fat and thus achieving optimal body composition are following:

-You consume far more calories than you burn (and that your body needs).

-You consume far more carbohydrates than your body needs.

-You decrease the ability of your body to store carbs as muscle glycogen and promote fat storage (by decreased insulin sensitivity).

-Steadily increased insulin caused by frequent food consumption stops all fat burning processes (insulin is an anabolic hormone joined with add in tissue (both muscle and fat)).

-Your body is whole time in digestion mode which reduce all natural detoxification processes that come play when digestion is stopped.

-By high frequency eating you put your hormones off the edge and by that build a severe food and carbohydrate addiction so you tend to eat more and more.

So the next time someone will tell you, that you need to eat more or more frequently, you will know that it has nothing to do with losing fat.  And if you want to find out how to put together high quality and functional low frequency eating, just take advantage of our Workout Champion : Diet Plan and Supplements.