In the last article we came across the first points why is Workout Champion the best choice for your training.
Most of my girlfriends were always complaining about their training routines, laziness, bad results and increasing amount of body fat. All of this led us to the idea of creating the revolution system appropriate even for women and the results our clients reached are simply amazing.

Let’s continue with the another important points :

5. Training of strength endurance has the maximal effect on the body recomposition :
– most of women spend hours by walking on machines in the gym. Yes, you will burn some fat, but that’s not even close to what are you able to burn thanks to the training of strength endurance. You will boost your metabolism and burn the body fat even during the rest days. That’s exactly what you are looking for, isn’t it? 🙂

6. Strength training leads to improving your health :
– your heart will work much better
– you will improve the bloodstream and pulmonary circulation
– you will have stronger bones
– you will sleep better
– you will have lots of energy
– you will get rid of chronic pain

7. Training of strength endurance is the best choice for women :
– women are genetically predestined to be more powerful than men are!!!

8. Training of compound lifts such as deadlift, swing and hip thrust builds the posterior chain :
– your butt will be thankful 🙂

9. Strength training provides better motivation to long-term exercising :
– once you try it, you will be a believer and don’t forget : strength training and training of strength endurance equals better motivation to train harder!

10. Strength training increases your self-efficacy, self-esteem and decreases a number of bad moods, so you will be enjoying every single day.

Hopefully I succeed in persuading you ,girls!
If I did, our plan called  Workout Champion : Muscle Building and Fat Loss Plan 1 is ready for you!

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Good luck!