RPT 1.0:
Rise by Performance Training 1.0 (name of thistraining protocol and also subsystem of Rise by PerformanceTraining).

Specific physical activity done most of the time with the external weight with the purpose to improve your body composition or physical abilities. One execution of an exercise is called one repetition or a rep.

Phase of the rep:
Repetition consist of concentric (ascending, contracting, positive ) and eccentric (descending, extracting, negative) phase.

Number of repetitions performed without a break. It is called a set.

Number of sets for prescribed exercise. Exercises are performed in multiple sets to accumulate adequate training volume and thus activate adaptive mechanisms.

Two sets performed consecutively. In this protocol they are identified by the same letter but different number (e. g. A1, A2).

Agonist supersets:
Two exercises involving similar muscle groups or movement patterns, performed consecutively.

Antagonist supersets:
Two exercises involving opposite muscle groups or movement patterns, performed consecutively.

Three or more exercises, mostly for the similar muscle groups or movement patterns, performed consecutively.

Two or more exercises, performed consecutively in all sets.

BW - bodyweight: Exercise is perform with the weight of your body.

BB - barbell: A long metal bar.

DB - dumbbell: A short bar with a weight at each end, used typically in pairs.

SL - single leg: Exercise is performed only by one leg at the time.

ATG - ass to grass: Squat as deep as possible.

CG - close-grip: Place your hands on the bar less than shoulder width apart.

BSS - Bulgarian split squat: Rear foot elevated squat.

DL - Deadlift: Lift the weight from the floor to upright position.

RDL - Romanian deadlift: Variation of the classic deadlift, where you primarily use your hamstrings.

There are little differences between weight of weight plates that are in kilograms or in pounds:

25 kg plate = 55.1 lb
55lb plate (-0.05 kg)

20 kg plate = 44.1 lb
45lb plate (+0.4 kg)

15 kg plate = 33.07 lb
35lb plate (+0.8 kg)

10 kg plate = 22.05 lb
25lb plate (+1.3kg)

5 kg plate = 11.023 lb
10lb plate (-0.5 kg)

2.5 kg plate = 5.5125 lb
5lb plate (-0.25 kg)

1.25 kg plate = 2.756 lb
2.5lb plate (-0.12 kg)