Comprehensive Training System

"What´s the difference from Crossfit? You just don't have money for the official license, do you?"

The essence of Rise by Performance Training is strength training in general. I call it comprehensive because the form of RPT is shaped by all aspects of strength training. The instruments of RPT are then specific types of strength sports.

The essence: Strength training

In strength training you are focusing on performance aspects of training rather than feeling aspects (such as overrated soreness and pump in the muscles after bodybuilding training and feeling of fatigue after fitness (or "functional") training).

Strength and performance gains are objective indicators of progress, while pump, soreness and fatigue are not.

Also strength training has bigger impact on your body. It creates huge endocrine anabolic reaction, activates metabolism and works via neuromuscular pathways, whereas bodybuilding and fitness training are based only on muscular/cardiovascular exhaustion and work via metabolic pathways.

The form: Rise by Performance Training

Your goals don't have to be only strength oriented. Proper strength training improves your overall performance, which include your maximal strength but also your explosiveness, acceleration, strength endurance, coordination, reaction speed and in some cases also locomotion. Strength training is also accompanied with changes in body composition. Oriented to this direction, you can build ripped, muscular, power-looked body of ancient warrior that possess some spectacular performance abilities.

While strength training is the essence, the Rise by Performance Training system is its form, shaped by the knowledge how to achieve both mentioned results (performance and physical) as quickly as possible. This knowledge is determined by the instruments and principles of RPT.

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The Instruments: Strength sports

RPT brings together training methods, exercises and knowledge of several different types of strength sports:


  • Powerlifting and strength training in general with their ability to increase your maximal strength and functional muscle mass.
  • Bodybuilding principles and their ability to develop proper mind-muscle connection and bring nutrients to muscles.
  • Olympic lifting and its ability to increase your explosiveness, maximal strength and mobility.
  • Calisthenics and strength gymnastics with their ability to develop your locomotion (lifting your body in space) and strengthening your tendons.
  • Strongman training (lifting unusual objects) and its strength transfer to other strength fields as well as building the functional power.
  • Crosstraining in the form of metabolic conditioning, general physique preparation and high intensity interval trainings with their ability to develop strength endurance and burn fat.
  • Don't be scared! Nobody says that RPT uses all of these strength sports and theirs principles at the same time! They are only instruments of RPT that create its general form. The specific form of RPT is then given by your goals, experience and requirements and is represented by the RPT training protocols.

    This breadth of knowledge is what differs RPT from other training systems, and even if you can find inclusion of similar strength sports for example in Crossfit, the principles of RPT are the point that makes the difference.