Members of the resistance

From what you've learned so far, the RPT system is in the opposition to traditional fitness and bodybuilding training, which are generally accepted as effective. Also by its instruments and its principles RPT stands apart of other strength training systems.

While practicing the RPT system you have to reject some general truths that you may think are valid and because of that I call it a resistance movement and clients of RPT its members.

Czech version of the RPT project (called simply "Performance Training) is nowadays practiced by thousands of individuals all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including:

  • Participants in strength sports: powerlifters, gymnasts, strongmen, weightlifters, calisthenics, crossfiters (e.g. helping them to move forward with the help of other strength sports).
  • Professional athletes from more than dozen sports: hockey, rugby, football, soccer, MMA, box, track and field and more (e.g. improving their sport performance by correct application of strength training).
  • Men at arms: soldiers, castle guards, policemen, Special Forces, firefighters, bodyguards, (e.g. increasing their overall performance).
  • Bodybuilders, fitness models, actors (changing their body composition).
  • People from the field: personal trainers, strength coaches, nutritionists (e.g. increasing their knowledge).
  • Performance lifestyle oriented individuals: top managers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, stockbrokers, scientists, IT specialists (teach them how to sacrifice less time to diet and training with greater results).
  • All levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced and elites.
  • Both genders.
  • And all the others that want to perform better, feel better and look better.

    How one system can provide results for all that kinds of clients? That is because RPT has many forms, which are divided by used training methods, exercises, strength sports and principles into three RPT subsystems.