Strength training philosophy

"...if you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, and if they can't stop you, then you become something else entirely. A legend."

Ra's al Ghul, Batman Begins

The story of Bruce Wayne from the Nolan's trilogy was always a great inspiration for me: Weak man, knocked down several times by the life itself, who had to sacrifice everything and went through a great suffering. But by all of that he strengthen himself not only physically but also mentally. And in the end, he rises from the darkness and fulfill his life.

I personally go through the similar story and that all shaped philosophy behind the RPT system:

1. Stop believing in myths about training and nutrition

Stop complaining that you have bad genetics, that you can't gain muscles, lose fat or increase your max bench! Throw out all the carbohydrate waves, hours of cardio, feeding yourself every two hours, carbs breakfasts, late night casein. Kick out your personal trainer whose only purpose is to chitchat to you between sets on machines, tear your training programs from local fitness guru or bodybuilding magazine. Empty your useless gainers, pre-workouts and denatured proteins to trash!

Say goodbye to all that people in the gyms that will never have a good results and also to ones using for their weakness anabolic steroids.

Become a member of the resistance movement against the myths about training and nutrition. Become the renegade of training, rebuild your knowledge and rise from the darkness!

2. Start the real training

Forget about training on machines, forget about group training lessons, and forget about the bossu and other "functional" equipment! Build the foundations: Learn how to truly use your muscles, develop the mind-muscle connection and learn how to use several muscle groups at the same time to perform basic strength lifts with correct technique. And then?

Forget about classic strength training approach! Don't train in vacuum!!! I believe in training with transfer to the real world. If you have to be fully rested, fed, motivated and with muscles full of glycogen to be able to produce your maximal strength, then you are creating artificial environment for training that mimic everything but the real life performance.

You have to be able to produce maximal strength anywhere, anytime and by all conditions. On the burning sun or in the middle of the snow storm. Without the need of hour lasting prehab, mobility and warmup. Without the need of dozens warmup sets. In the moments when you can't catch your breath or when you are exhausted after harsh day. Maximal performance that you are chasing isn't about maximal strength practiced under the perfect conditions. It's about the ability to wake up at midnight, run several miles and then immediately lift your one rep max on deadlift. That's a true strength. That's a performance!

Rise above your limits

If you choose the path of the Rise by Performance Training system, you will strive, you will suffer, and you will sacrifice. But you will strengthen yourself. You become strong not only physically but also mentally. And development of your performance won't stop at the borders of training. Your mind will be liberated and free. Your mental performance will increase as well. That helps you to fulfill not only your training goals but your life itself. And by your change, you will give the people around you an ideal to strive towards.

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