The Rise by Performance training system is divided into three subsystems, which differ in used exercises, methods, principles, strength sports and long-term progression models.

These subsystems follow each other and are logically connected. So you might start with the RPT 1.0 and continue through the RPT 2.0 to RPT 3.0. By this order you can be sure that you will not be overwhelmed by all the new information and strength sports at the same time.

Each subsystem then consists of several training protocols, which are again in specific order (identified by the number after the decimal point), characterized by the increasing difficulty. You always start with the one for which you have enough experience.

This training protocols are "main story line" of the RPT system and by putting them in a row (from RPT 1.0 to RPT 3.5) you create years lasting process of constant progress and developing your body and abilities.

The RPT subsystems contain also "side quests" of the RPT system, which focused on progression in specific type of performance or specific strength sport (e.g. increasing sport performance (Combine Training) or learn basics of gymnastics (Training for warriors)). These training protocols can be practiced separately.

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