If the fat loss is your goal, it exist many effective ways how to get rid of it fast. One of them is not to follow any of the mainstream diets, because the are no longer effective – you have to discover what type of dieting works the best for you, as we did in Workout Champion : Diet Plan and Supplements, where you can find individualized approach to dieting and lifestyle.

Another way is to start losing body fat through the training routine. Again, it doesn’t exist only one efficient training plan, only one exercise….it all depends on your training level, age, body fat, neuroendocrine system and much more factors.

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In the last few years we have been testing a lot of training principles how to lose body fat in a short period of time and one of them is through the kettlebell complex called “Workout Champion KB Madness”.

It’s a high-intensity complex performed only with kettlebells. Perform this complex twice a week for a month. Always use challenging weights and increase them every week. Kettlebell Swing and KB Squats should be done with heavier Kettlebell than another exercises!
Rest 10 seconds between exercises and 2-3 minutes between rounds. VIDEO IN THE END OF THE ARTICLE!
One round consists of :

A1 Kettlebell Swing – 12 reps
A2 Right hand KB Swing – 6-8 reps
A3 Left hand KB Swing – 6-8 reps
A4 Kettlebell Clean (alternate hands) – 12 reps
A5 Right hand KB Military-Press – 6 reps
A6 Right hand KB Push-Press – 6 reps (the same weight as military-press)
A7 Left hand KB Military-Press – 6 reps
A8 Left hand KB Push-Press – 6 reps (the same weight as military-press)
A9 KB Squat – 12 reps
A10 KB Lunges – 6 reps each side

TIPS : – if your performance breaks down – rather stop the exercise or reduce the reps!
– it’s a whole body complex, don’t try to isolate muscles (e.g. shoulders when pressing), use the power of the whole body

You’re gonna hate us, but trust me, the results are worth it!

Enjoy the fat loss progress!


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