If you were exercising primarily on machines up to these days (or if they formed the main part of your workouts), you were stealing yourself from most of the results. How is that possible? Keep reading!

Everyone of us surely knows when someone is a beginner, he or she actually has no idea what to do in the gym. And the answer seems to be simple – the machines, because they hold your hand and lead you step by step in how to use them, stabilize you from all the sides and you find pictures with instructions on them, so you exactly know how should you exercise.

What is actually wrong with these machines? They are made with the intention to fit most people, what means that they truly fit nobody. And every exercising on them is then compromise between effort to perform given exercise and effort to simply fix yourself in the less weird position. It can cause overloading your shoulders, hips, lower back, ligaments and their subsequent pain.

And that is still not the worst thing:

Machines do not force you to use antagonistic muscles for stabilization, do not force you to balance free weights and do not allow you to exercise in effective strength curve (that means you cannot use your maximal weight). By that they cause only very low impact on your nervous and hormonal system and also your muscles. Low impact = insufficient stimulus for adaptation = no results.

On the other hand, strength training, where you perform compound lifts with maximal effort and with maximal weights, forces your muscles and nervous system very strongly to adapt.
Nervous system then stimulates the secretion of anabolic and fat-burning hormones. Function of these hormones is to transport nutrients to damaged muscles and to boost the fastest possible growth of the muscles and accelerate fat-burning.

The necessary presumptions to get the best from the strength training are: Learn how to fully control your muscles, how to link them effectively into functional units and learn the correct technique of the compound lifts. You could say that it is too difficult and you cannot handle it alone….

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