Let’s imagine this situation : you have to dramatically change your body in 12 weeks. There is nothing special on it, right? The problem is, that there is availible just one barbell, some plates and you can perform only ONE exercise! Which one would you choose?

Squat? Good idea, but not the best one.
Bench-press? Not bad, but try it again…
Deadlift? You are getting closer, but not.
Biceps curls? Come oooon, stop and let me tell you.

The answer is….and now chorals….. Power Clean & Pushpress!

And here you can see some resons, why should you perform this exercise :

1) In the starting position you are performing deadlift, in fact, so have to use the strength of yourlegs and back muscles.

2) In the dynamic part of the motion you engage trapezius muscles, core and calves.

3) When pushing the barbell overhead, you have to use legs, core and especially delts.

4) In the final position is it about back muscles, especially traps, and core again.

5) Thanks the necessity to activate the whole body to peform maximal strength in the shortest time and even TWICE during one rep, you launches a series of nervous system related anabolic processes.

6) Performing this exercise leads to improving the insulin sensitivity and boosting your metabolism, so you are losing body fat at the same time.

Try to perform this in your training :
5 sets x 5 reps, X0X0 tempo, resting 2.5 minutes between sets

Good luck and enjoy your progress!

P.S. For those of you who want to start with periodized training plan full of compound exercises, try : Workout Champion : Muscle Gain and Fat Loss Plan 1