Every day are thousands of people in the world beggining with exercising. And why? In most cases just for leaving it in the following few weeks or months. What is the main reason people are leaving exercising after such a short time? Read more!

The LOSS OF MOTIVATION can be considered as a problem number one! At the begging you are motivated to exercising just by the power of your own conviction. First few weeks of exercising are simply adaptive and you feel that you are doing something beneficial for your health and body, that is why you persisted in working out. And if you do a good and constientious job, in the following months will motivate you your fast reached results, which can be clearly seen in the mirror.

However, these beginner gains subside after few months and this is the time of a big decision – you can become an another looser or you can rise above your limits. Which possibility would you choose? 🙂 When this break point comes and the progress suddenly slows, most people start losing motivation for another training and, in most cases, leave the exercise for a long time or forever….
Those who remain must force themselves to training which brings them no pleasure and the stagnation or even plateau occurs.

How not to lose motivation for exercising and start achieving constantly new goals and results?

1. Start with the strenght training : in the strength training you focus on the maximal weights, plyometrics or strenght endurance building. These performance gains occur much faster than the visual ones, so you constantly have the overview of your progress instead of focusing primary on your look. The strength training provides a long-term positive feedback and push you forward to improving your performance and you will be improving your physical appearance as well (and even faster than with your prior exercise!). Long-term and stable results, which you will definitelly reach thanks to the strength training, will be motivating you and you won’t have any reason to leave your training.
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